Bitch Tea Cup

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If you're in the mood to sip your tea with a side of attitude, we've got just the cup for you. Presenting the most unapologetically cheeky bone china Tea Cup and Saucer.

This is not your grandma's tea party, folks. This cup is a bold statement, a fusion of high society sass that says, "I may be sipping tea, but I'm also spilling it."  Because life is too short for boring teacups.

This one is all about embracing your hard-earned attitude, celebrating your unique style, and having a damn good time while doing it. Cheers to a tea party that's anything but ordinary!

All of our luxurious cups come with a cup and saucer and are packaged in an elegant blue gift box with 24K gold accents.


  • Plated 24k gold material from Germany
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cup measures 6" 
  • Cup 3.5" w 3.10 h
  • Sold Individually