Lavender Frida Ring

$ 1,150.00

Ceremonial heart of hearts, inspired by memories of Frida Kahlo's self-portraits. Adorning hands with tropical plants and flowers reminiscent of her homeland.

A wreath of branches interwoven between pearl and sapphire; a macrocosm of Kahlo's painting nature, ever evocative of the surreal language of being alive, painted through vines, roots, tendril and blossom.

Featuring 6 brilliant natural diamonds, one 1.5mm natural pearl and one beautiful 4mm tanzanite.

Available in 14k gold.

Kindly note that tanzanites are natural, untreated gems and may differ from photo in being more purple, blue, darker or lighter than the image is shown.

Sofia Zakia is a fine jewelry brand that weaves the charm and elegance of outer space and mythology through the quiet intimacy of jewelry.

Each piece is a love letter to its inspiration and reflects a gracefully expressive story or symbol of our universe and history.



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