Rainbow Bundle Smoke Wand

$ 24.00

This colorful rose petal White Sage smoke wand purifies any room with its cleansing aroma. It is lined by seven rainbow colors of rose petals to represent the chakras.

All of the benefits of sage are enhanced with the smell of rose. Selenite, Palo Santo & a Rainbow Aura Crystal adorn this beauty for extra cleansing and recharging properties. Smudging with a sage bundle is an excellent way to cleanse your gemstones. Simply hold the burning sage while passing your stone through the smoke. This clears all negative energies that have become attached to your stones but does not energize the crystal.

To re-energize the stone, place it in a window so it can be exposed to the rays of the sun and moon For inside cleansing and recharging place your crystals on the Selenite which will amplify and purify the energy of your crystals. Selenite does not need to be cleansed, it naturally transmutes negative energy. This is the reason why it is so beneficial for cleansing and charging

Made in United States of America



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