Anya Necklace

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This handy dandy necklace sports a Gold Plated Sterling Silver Chain with a removable Brass Hand Charm and a Freshwater Keishi pearl.

At the heart of this necklace dangles a brass charm shaped like a delicate hand. The hand symbolizes protection, guidance, and the power to create your destiny. The charm can be removed and worn separately or with other jewelry, allowing you to customize your look. 

Nestled delicately alongside the hand charm, the Freshwater Keishi Pearl adds a touch of natural beauty to this piece. The unique, irregular shape of the pearl mirrors the organic beauty of the ocean. 

An absolute must-have gift to yourself or for any loved one that lives to make a statement! 


  • Gold plated sterling silver chain
  • Brass hand charm
  • Freshwater Keishi pearl
  • ~ 17 inches