Baby Yacht Chain Necklace

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As you embrace the slinky Baby Yacht Chain Necklace into your collection, may it infuse you with the confidence to set sail on your own fashion voyages. It's a symbol of elegance, a nod to adventure, and a reflection of your unique style on the fashion horizon.

This Baby Yacht Chain Necklace boasts top-notch thick micron gold plating, complemented by an extra protective clear coat.

Glamrocks Jewelry is handmade by a team experience metalsmiths, and ships directly out of their Phoenix studio.


  • Heavy 14K gold plated brass
  • 16" with 2" extender chain 5mm wide
  • Made in the United States


  • Sweat, oils, and lotions can affect your jewelry, so remove it before handwashing, showering, swimming, or hitting the gym
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