Black Magic Ring

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"Black Magic" - two words that carry a world of mystery and allure. This ring is a symbol of embracing the unexplained, dancing with the supernatural, and finding the extraordinary within ourselves. It's a call to explore the shadows, to harness the arcane, and to celebrate the enchantment that courses through our veins.

So, if you too have a penchant for the enigmatic, for the allure of the unknown, or if you simply seek a little extra magic in your life, then this ring is your key to a world where spells and dreams collide.

Let us wear our "Black Magic" rings proudly, fellow seekers of the extraordinary, and let them serve as a constant reminder to infuse every moment with intention and wonder. 

This brass ring is uncoated, allowing for re-polishing.

Avoiding water, heavy lotions, chlorine, etc., will prolong the original polished shine.

Cleaning the ring with a jewelry polishing cloth will restore shine if tarnish occurs.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: brass
  • Comes in sizes 6-8