Botanist Lacquer Card Set

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Only 1 left


Imagine a set of not one, but two standard playing card decks, nestled within high-gloss lacquer boxes. The boxes themselves are works of art, exuding an elegant sheen that hints at the magic held within. 

Each card is adorned with botanical illustrations that capture the beauty of the natural world. It's like holding a kaleidoscope of butterflies in your hands.

So, whether you're hosting a game night, planning a cozy evening with loved ones, or just want to look at something pretty every day, the Botanist Lacquer Card Set is here to infuse your world with joy, style, and wonder.


  • High-gloss lacquer box with printed graphic
  • Box features a removable lid
  • Includes two playing card decks
  • 6" W, 4.25" L, 1.25" H

Cleaning + Care:

  • To clean, use soft damp cloth and wipe in straight strokes
  • Never use harsh chemical or abrasive cleaners that could erode protective topcoats
  • Do not allow water to collect on the surface