Greetings from California Wood Postcard

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Experience the essence of California with our Greetings from California Wood Postcard – a sustainable indulgence in the beauty of nature. Crafted from eco-friendly, sustainably harvested real cherry wood, each postcard is a unique celebration of the environment, echoing the diversity of the California landscape.

Measuring 4" x 5.5", this wooden postcard is a tactile journey through the intricacies of wood grain. No two postcards are identical, as the natural variations in wood grain tell a story of authenticity and individuality.

Sold individually, each postcard becomes a singular piece of art, a nod to the sustainable ethos that defines our commitment to the environment. Beyond the traditional paper postcard, this wooden alternative invites you to connect with the raw beauty of California in a tangible and eco-conscious way.

So, send a piece of California's charm or keep it as a memento – either way, this Greetings from California Wood Postcard is a sustainable slice of the Golden State, a testament to the beauty that emerges when craftsmanship meets environmental consciousness.