Cat Tarot Deck

$ 19.95
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It's like regular Tarot, but with a purr-fectly whimsical twist.

These feline mystics are your personal guides through the journey of life, and they're here to offer insight, wisdom, and a maybe even a hair or two.

The Fool card? Well, that's an adventurous kitten, ready to leap into the unknown. The High Priestess? She's a regal, intuitive feline, guarding the secrets of the universe. The Temperance card? It's all about balance, just like a cat's poised grace.

So, whether you're seeking answers, seeking inspiration, or just looking to infuse a little cat magic into your day, this Tarot deck is your ticket to a world of wonder.


  • Includes 78 cards + guidebook
  • 5.25 x 1.75 x 3.25 inches