Contemporary Japanese Posters

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From the dazzling debut of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics to the delicate inception of the Issey Miyake logo, and even from the mesmerizing world of the Osaka Expo to the breathtaking official poster for the Pan-Pacific Design Congress, this collection showcases the evolution of Japanese graphic art. 

These vibrant and expressive works of art found their roots in the mid-'50s, a period of renaissance for Japan after the somber shadows of World War II. It was an era marked by resilience, innovation, and a longing for the new. International influences blended seamlessly with traditional Japanese themes and colors, creating a fresh and dynamic form of expression.

"Contemporary Japanese Posters" is a portable display of 85 brilliant graphic designers and a staggering 756 posters, making it the most comprehensive collection on the subject available in any language.

And for those who cherish the tactile beauty of books, you'll be delighted to know that this volume comes in a generous size, measuring 8.27 by 11.42 inches, and boasts a substantial 519 pages. It's a hardcover treasure that will grace your coffee table and spark conversations for years to come. 


519 pages

8.27 x 11.42 inches