Dark Moon Gift Box

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Introducing the Dark Moon Gift Box by Spitfire Girl – a celestial treasure chest that encapsulates the mystique of the night and the allure of transformation. What's nestled inside is nothing short of enchanting:

Dark Moon Soap: It's like a bar of moonlight, with a scent that's as captivating as a midnight breeze. It's not just soap; it's a cleanse of body and soul, a ritual to prepare for transformation.

Full Moon Transformation Bath Bomb: Picture yourself soaking in the waters of rejuvenation, as this bath bomb dissolves, releasing its magic into the waters. It's like bathing in moonlight, a ritual of rebirth, and a celebration of your own evolution.

Protection 5oz Ritual Candle: Light it with intention and let its flame be a guardian of your space. It's like a sentry of energy, a beacon of light, and a ritual to shield and protect.

SFG Signature Matches: These are not just matches; they're sparks of magic. It's like holding the power of fire in your hands, ready to ignite your desires and light your way.

Black Snake Dish: A vessel of mystery, it's like a canvas for your rituals, a holder of secrets, and a symbol of transformation. It's where you place your intentions and dreams.

And all of this celestial wonder comes in our signature wood box, tied with a satin bow, and ready for gifting. It's like a portal to the mystical, a journey into the unknown, and a gift that carries the essence of the cosmos.

This enchanting box measures 13" x 10" x 4", making it a substantial treasure chest of cosmic secrets. It's a gift that's perfect for someone special or a treat for your own soul.