Don't Be A Dick Tee Shirt

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Introducing the "Don't Be A Dick" Tee Shirt – because subtlety isn't always the answer. This lightweight royal triblend tee isn't just a piece of fabric; it's a manifesto, a proclamation to the world.

Feel the soft embrace of the unisex fit, meticulously crafted in California by skilled hands. Each tee bears the mark of dedication – professionally screen printed, making it a wearable piece of art. The multicolor print isn't just a design; it's a statement, a burst of personality injected into your wardrobe.

Now, let's talk sizing, darling. For the ladies out there, your usual size is your ally, offering a slightly relaxed fit – comfort with a touch of rebellion. Craving more room? Go ahead, size up for an oversized look that screams, "I make my own rules."

And when it comes to keeping your manifesto intact, follow the royal washing decrees: Machine wash inside out with cold water. Banish bleach from your laundry kingdom – it's not welcome here. For the sake of preserving your graphics, let your tee bask in the regal treatment of hanging or lying flat to dry.

So, wear your message loud and proud. Don't be a dick, but do be bold, be rebellious, and let your tee do the talking for you. After all, in a world full of noise, a strong statement tee is your silent rebellion.