Dope Ring

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Uncoated, it's not just a ring; it's a statement waiting to be made. This raw authenticity allows for the liberation of re-polishing, embracing the beauty of evolution as it ages gracefully with you.

To keep the fire alive, handle with care. Steer clear of water, heavy lotions, chlorine – basically, anything that might dull its sparkle. This ring thrives on its original polished shine, and avoiding its nemeses will ensure it retains its luster.

Should the need arise, fear not. A simple touch-up is all it takes. A jewelry polishing cloth becomes your trusty sidekick, ready to restore the shine and bring your ring back to life in moments.

So, slip on the Dope Ring, and let it become a silent narrator of your journey, evolving and sparkling with every twist and turn. Because true style is timeless, just like the stories we carry with us.

Comes in sizes 6-8.