Eden Square Vase

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These Eden vases, curated by Jonathan Adler, showcase his signature slithering serpents against punchy pop-toned hues, creating a visual narrative that transcends the ordinary.

Adorned with sparkling gold accents, each vase exudes an air of daring glamour, turning your space into a canvas for bold aesthetics. The classic silhouettes of the Eden collection seamlessly harmonize with other decor elements, providing versatility to curate your space with a touch of extra bite.

Whether placed individually as a striking focal point or styled as a cohesive collection, the Eden Square Vase is more than a mere vessel; it's an expression of your appreciation for audacious design. The serpents, entwined in a dance of mystique, add a layer of intrigue that elevates your space to new heights of opulence.

So, if you're prepared to make a bold statement in your decor journey, the Eden Square Vase is ready to grace your space with daring allure. Let your tabletop, shelf, or mantel become a stage for audacious sophistication, where serpents slither amidst punchy pop-toned hues, leaving an indelible mark of daring glamour. Here's to the dynamic accents that transform your space into a haven of bold aesthetics. Cheers to the Eden Square Vase – where audacity meets elegance in a dance of pure sophistication.