Emerald Arc Earrings

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Behold the Emerald Arc Earrings – a manifestation of elegance and natural beauty that seamlessly merges the raw allure of emeralds with the sophistication of a gold arc. These earrings transcend mere accessories; they are wearable art crafted to enhance your style with a touch of timeless glamour.

The raw emeralds delicately dangle within the embrace of a gold-plated arc, capturing the essence of nature's raw magnificence. The metalwork, meticulously executed with gold plate over brass, extends to the 14kt gold-filled earwires, ensuring not only aesthetic appeal but also durability in craftsmanship.

Measuring at a graceful length of 2 inches, these earrings elegantly sway from round earwires, framing your face with a subtle yet striking statement. The use of raw emerald stones adds an authentic touch, celebrating the inherent beauty found in nature's imperfections.

Crafted in the United States of America, these Emerald Arc Earrings embody a commitment to quality and artistry. Each pair is not just an accessory; it's a testament to the harmonious fusion of earth's treasures with artisanal craftsmanship, bringing forth a piece that resonates with the essence of American-made elegance.

Let them be more than just earrings; let them be a celebration of the raw beauty that lies within every curve and facet. Here's to the Emerald Arc Earrings – where nature's elegance meets artisanal craftsmanship in a dance of timeless allure.