Face Fix Gift Box

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Dive into a world of self-care with the Face Fix Gift Box – because, let's be honest, we could all use a little fixing from time to time. This curated set, carefully packaged in a sleek wood box tied with a satin bow, is not just a gift; it's a skincare journey designed to pamper your face like it's never been pampered before.

At the heart of this box is the By Nieves Face Fix – a magical blend of 12 organic herbs working in harmony to fix whatever your face might be going through. Sensitive skin? Acne-prone? Straight up confused? Face Fix has got you covered. This facial powder is a game-changer, leaving out all the nasty stuff like surfactants, preservatives, and emulsifiers, so you can enjoy pure, unadulterated care.

Pair that with the By Nieves Anti-Aging Moisturizer, a superhero in the world of skincare. This potent concoction dives deep, repairing the look of damaged skin with the powerful punch of Ascorbyl Palmitate, a stable form of vitamin C that's here to turn back the clock on aging.

The entire experience comes housed in our signature wood box, measuring 6.5" x 4.5 x 3", making it not just a skincare routine but an aesthetic addition to your vanity. It's a nod to the art of self-love, a reminder that taking care of your face is an act of kindness to your soul.

So, gift yourself or someone special the Face Fix Gift Box – because your face deserves a little fixing, and what better way to do it than with a touch of luxury and a whole lot of love. Cheers to radiant skin and the glow-up you've been waiting for!