Giving Hand Necklace

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Only 1 left

Only 1 left

The Giving Hand Necklace – an exquisite piece that transcends mere jewelry, embodying the artistry of intention and the allure of mindful craftsmanship. The bronze Giving Hand, adorned with a faceted pearl, delicately suspended from a 16-inch 14K gold fill chain, serves as a tangible reminder of the beauty inherent in both giving and receiving.

Handcrafted in the USA, this necklace is a wearable work of art, a reflection of the union between meaningful design and the enduring spirit of human connection.

Each Jacqueline Rose piece is uniquely handmade, ensuring that your Giving Hand Necklace carries a distinctive essence that resonates with authenticity. 

As you drape the Giving Hand Necklace around your neck, relish in the awareness that it's not just a purchase; it's a conscious choice to invest in a piece of jewelry that aligns with your values. The faceted pearl symbolizes purity, wisdom, and the nurturing power of generosity, making it a meaningful addition to your curated collection.

Please note, as with all Jacqueline Rose creations, this necklace is a final sale, a commitment to the enduring quality and timeless beauty that defines the brand. Returns are not accepted, as each piece is a bespoke creation made with love and dedication.

Wear the Giving Hand Necklace as a daily affirmation of the beauty in giving and the grace in receiving – a tangible expression of the divine dance between craftsmanship and consciousness.