Good Doggy Stoneware Tray

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Introducing the "Good Doggy" Stoneware Tray – a delightful fusion of functionality and whimsical design that brings joy to your everyday life. This exposed colored tray features a sturdy stoneware base adorned with a matte glaze and charming decal art, making it a playful addition to your home.

Measuring a compact 2.625 inches in diameter, this tray proves that good things do come in small packages. Its thoughtful design caters to your needs, providing a perfect spot for trinkets, jewelry, or any small essentials you want to keep within reach. The stoneware construction ensures durability, adding a touch of sophistication to this charming piece.

Packaged in a stylish kraft slide gift box, the "Good Doggy" Stoneware Tray makes for an ideal present for dog lovers, friends, or anyone who appreciates functional art with a whimsical touch. Unveil the joy of this tray and let it become a delightful companion in your daily rituals.