Hamsa Pillow

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Transform your living spaces with the allure of the Hamsa Pillow from Spitfire Girl – an exceptional addition to any room, be it the living room, bedroom, or your dedicated workspace. Crafted with meticulous care, these pillows are more than mere decorative accents; they are a testament to thoughtful design and handmade craftsmanship, each one bearing the unique touch of Los Angeles artistry.

Measuring a substantial 19"x19", these pillows not only bring comfort but also radiate an aesthetic charm that effortlessly elevates the ambiance of your surroundings. The Hamsa motif, a symbol of protection and positivity, graces each pillow, infusing your space with a touch of ancient mystique and contemporary flair.

As your guests marvel at the distinctive allure of these pillows, they'll inevitably inquire about their origin. Send them our way, and let the conversation extend beyond admiration to the prospect of a playful pillow fight – because, after all, Spitfire Girl pillows are crafted not just for visual delight but also for the joy of spontaneous and spirited moments.

Handmade in Los Angeles from start to finish, each Hamsa Pillow carries the essence of the city's artistic vibrancy. The PolyFill insert ensures a plush and inviting feel, making these pillows as comfortable to cuddle with as they are striking to behold. Infuse your space with the spirit of handmade artistry and the protective energy of the Hamsa, creating a sanctuary that is both stylish and meaningful.

PolyFill Insert.

Measures: 19"x19".