Heart of Stone Necklace

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Meet the Heart of Stone Necklace – a dazzling reimagination inspired by the iconic necklace adorned by Sharon Stone in the classic film Casino. This is not just a necklace; it's a nod to cinematic glamour and a bold expression of timeless style.

The Herringbone chain, a substantial 6mm wide, isn't just a chain; it's a statement in itself. It pays homage to the elegance and sophistication that defined an era, while seamlessly blending with contemporary fashion sensibilities. Crafted from heavy 14K Gold plated Brass, this chain is more than just an accessory; it's a bold choice that commands attention.

At the center of attention is the heart-shaped stone, a White Kyocera Opal that adds an ethereal touch to the ensemble. The stone, with its varying colors, isn't just a centerpiece; it's a symbol of individuality and the unpredictability of beauty. It's a reminder that elegance lies in embracing the uniqueness of each moment.

Choose from 16" or 18" lengths – not just a choice of size but an opportunity to tailor the necklace to your personal style. Whether draped close to the collarbone or slightly longer for a chic look, the Heart of Stone Necklace adapts to your preferences effortlessly.