Jean-Michel Basquiat Extra Large Art Book

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Jean-Michel Basquiat – total legend, right? Picture New York near the end of the century and there he is, making his mark under the tag SAMO in the late '70s. He was hitting those city walls with caustic comments and fragmented poems, and becoming the voice of a vibrant underground scene blending visual arts, graffiti, hip hop, post-punk, and DIY filmmaking. 

Basquiat crashed into the gallery scene worldwide. His expressive style was all raw figures, blended with words and phrases that draw from jazz, boxing, basketball, and the gritty politics of street life. Asked about his subject matter, he coolly dropped "royalty, heroism, and the streets." Classic Basquiat.

This book? It's your VIP pass to Basquiat's art. Massive reproductions of his game-changing paintings, sketches, and notebook scrawls. It's like being right there, up close and personal with Basquiat's genius. Dive deep with an intro from editor Hans Werner Holzwarth and an essay on his themes by curator Eleanor Nairne. Year-by-year chapters, rich illustrations – it's a Basquiat binge in book form.

500 pages of pure Basquiat magic, measuring 12.4 x 3.2 x 18.1 inches – all packed into one badass hardcover.