Friendship Rectangle Tray by John Derian

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This exquisite creation, a marvel of artistry and craftsmanship, emerges from the sanctum of John Derian's New York studio, where it is meticulously handcrafted using reproduced imagery sourced from his vast collection of antique and vintage prints.

Measuring at a poised 3.5 inches by 7 inches, this tray is not a mere functional item but a curated slice of aesthetic opulence. The process, an intricate dance of trained artisans, involves the delicate art of cutting and collaging the designs onto handblown glass. The result? A visual symphony, a tapestry of historical prints rendered anew in the form of a functional objet d'art.

Let's delve into the materiality – collaged paper under handblown glass. This is not your everyday tray; it's a canvas of sophistication where every detail, every nuance, is encapsulated within the clarity of handblown glass. But, dear patrons, heed the care instructions – this tray, a visual feast, is not to be immersed in water. A simple wipe clean, executed with the grace befitting its presence, is all that's required to maintain its splendor.

It is paramount to acknowledge that this Friendship Rectangle Tray, adorned with its curated prints, is designed for decorative purposes only. A meticulous fusion of form and function, this tray is a testament to John Derian's commitment to elevating the everyday into an aesthetic experience. Notably, it is not food safe – let it serve as an embodiment of refined living, a curated addition to your space that speaks volumes without uttering a word.