Map Ring

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Melissa de la Fuente creates each piece of jewelry from start to finish. Her dedication to beauty, longevity, wearability, and significance is evident in every creation, as she personally hand carves or hand builds each item, paying intense attention to every detail. The goal? To ensure that each piece is not just an accessory, but a lasting legacy meant to be passed down through the ages.

With this in mind, take a moment to truly look at this ring. Upon this circlet of opulence, cartography ascends to an art form; the intricate lines and curves conspire to unveil a world in miniature. The engravings, minute and labyrinthine, evoke undiscovered realms and forgotten cities. A love letter to both craftsmanship and imagination, this ring is capable of transporting the wearer to far-flung landscapes with the mere flick of the finger.

So, let the skeptics scoff at the simplicity of rings. In our world, we're carrying entire adventures on our fingers.

The Map Ring measures around 1 1/2 " in length.