Mushroom Matches

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Crafted for the aesthete in you, each designer matchbox is a statement piece, adorned with a custom color that harmonizes seamlessly with the box's exquisite design. Reusable and effortlessly chic.

Place these stylish matchboxes strategically – on a stack of books, a coffee table, or beside a favorite candle, lantern, or chandelier – and watch as they enhance and accentuate your home decor with an understated elegance. It's not just about lighting a candle; it's about creating ambiance!

Perfect for thoughtful hostess gifts or as a tasteful addition to gift baskets, these decorator matches are the ideal accompaniment for the gift of a candle or a box of cigars. With dimensions measuring 4.5″ x 2.5″ x .75″, they are compact enough to carry the allure of luxury wherever you go.