Mushroom Vase

$ 22.00
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Available in five eye-popping colors – Yellow, Red, Pink, Green, and Orange – this Mushroom Vase lets you mix and match or go full-on monochrome, depending on your mood or aesthetic vibe for the day.

Crafted from sleek glass, this vase embodies the perfect fusion of modernity and retro charm. The irregularities in the design add an artsy touch, making each piece unique and utterly Instagram-worthy.

With dimensions that play the field – LENGTH: 3.75-2.5"D, WIDTH: 3.75-2.5"W, HEIGHT: 6.25-4.75"H – this vase is as versatile as your ever-evolving style. Whether you're showcasing a single stem or a lush bouquet, this Mushroom Vase is the perfect canvas for your floral fantasies.

LENGTH: 3.75-2.5"D
WIDTH: 3.75-2.5"W
HEIGHT: 6.25-4.75"H