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Olympe Ibride Tray

Olympe Ibride Tray
Olympe Ibride Tray

Pure and mysterious, the beautiful Olympe lets us glimpse the power of her temperament, her mastered fiery spirit and her need for independence.

Chains and necklaces are not always real jewels, Diane knows it and is not really attached to it...

Olympe is a large tray, used for serving guests, which can then be displayed freely on a wall like a pictorial work, a mythological painting.

-Serving tray
-Wall fixing included
-Good resistance
-Material : High Pressure Laminate

-Dimensions : H.65 x L.47 cm

-Weight : 1.8 kgs

-Made in France
-Good water and heat resistance

-Dishwasher safe


Olympe Ibride Tray
Olympe Ibride Tray

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