Pamela Colman Smith's RWS Tarot Deck

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The RWS Tarot Deck™ is a whimsical homage to Pamela Colman Smith's enchanting 1909 artwork. Immerse yourself in a dreamy new palette of soft, subtle colors, beautifully framed with elegant ivory parchment borders. True to Pamela's original creation, this deck maintains the authenticity of her hand-lettered titles, preserving the antique charm that makes it a timeless treasure.

In this 78-card deck, each 2.75” x 4.75” card is a portal to divine insights and revelations. The accompanying 36-page booklet, featuring tarot meanings and an introduction by Stuart R. Kaplan, is your guide on this mystical journey.

Explore the profound insights and mystical wisdom that have made the RWS Tarot Deck™ a timeless treasure.