Beaded Tinsel Snake

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Alright, darlings, we've got a new star in town, and it's not your average ornament – it's the Beaded Tinsel Snake, and it's here to add some serious ssssparkle to your holiday decor!

Who needs traditional ornaments when you can have a sassy snake dripping in bling? This ornament is all about glitz and glamour, making sure your tree slays harder than any runway model.

The entire body of the Beaded Tinsel Snake is adorned with shimmering beads that catch the light in the most mesmerizing way. This ornament is sculpted with precision, ensuring that the snake's form is flawless and fierce. From the curve of its body to the subtle detailing in the scales, it's a true work of art.

Available in burnt orange, black, and white or a variety of greens.

2.75"L X .25"W X 4.75"H

Hand threaded and beaded