Tiny Pentagram Ring

$ 36.00

Get witchy or embrace your love for Metal with this awesome tiny pentagram ring!

The five-pointed star or pentagram is one of the most potent, powerful, and persistent symbols in human history. It has been important to almost every ancient culture, from the Mayans of Latin America, to India, China, Greece, and Egypt. 

The five-pointed star is representative of the four primal elements (earth, air, fire and water), and traditionally a fifth, called spirit. The circle binds them together to create life. When pointing up, the pentagram can represent spirituality's dominance over the material (pentagram) bound inside the laws of the cosmos (circle). 

The circle around a pentagram is a symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess, and protection. To earth-centered religions throughout history as well as to many contemporary pagans, it represents the feminine spirit or force, the cosmos or a spiritualism Mother Earth, and a sacred space.


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