Crystal Candle Citrine - 10 oz

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Introducing our Crystal Candle Citrine, a masterpiece that combines the captivating power of citrine with the soothing embrace of exquisite fragrances. Let's dive into the magic of this candle and the radiant properties it holds.

First, let's talk about citrine, the heart and soul of this candle. This exquisite stone is often referred to as the "merchant's stone" or the "stone of success." With its stunning, golden hues, citrine is known to carry the energy of the sun itself. It's a gem that symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and positivity, making it the perfect companion to light your path.

 Let the zesty notes of Mandarin Zest and Italian Bergamot invigorate your senses, leading you on a journey filled with the warmth of Madagascar Vanilla and the buttery soft embrace of Rose Blossoms. As the scent evolves, you'll discover the grounding beauty of Patchouli and the subtle allure of Amber. This delicious blend of fragrances that will elevate both your space and your spirits.

Hand-poured and crafted with utmost care, our Crystal Candle Citrine is a soy-blend wonder designed to elevate your moments of relaxation. 

Our Crystal Candle Citrine comes in a 10 oz size with an impressive 60-hour burn time. 


  • Includes citrine stones
  • 10 oz
  • 60 hr burn time
  • 100% cotton wick
  • Hand-poured
  • Soy-blend