May 05, 2015

Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

By Spitfire Girl


Dinosaurs Smoking Weed is a book near and dear to our hearts here at the Spitfire Girl headquarters. Firstly, its one of our best sellers, and secondly, and perhaps most importantly, it's written by one of our own!  That's right - Dinosaurs Smoking Weed author, Shahrzad Ghadjar, used to work at one of our Spitfire Girl locations!



Now that she's a successful entrepreneur, we had to sneak into Shahr's busy schedule to talk about how Dinosaurs Smoking Weed came about. We put on some Lana Del Rey and let Shahr explain: "I love dinosaurs and I've always loved dinosaurs and I was drawing one day and it was a nice afternoon and I drew a T-Rex smoking a joint- and I thought it was really funny."



Shahr talked about how she always draws in black and white and how her style just naturally really lent itself to a coloring book, and as Shahr put it "people love to color when they're stoned!" 

As well as being a fun activity Shahr also wanted Dinosaurs Smoking Weed to be educational. The book contains Dinosaurs from all different continents and time periods and has true facts about each Dinosaur pictured. "It's not just all about getting high, it's about learning."



We can appreciate that Shahr loves to learn and we just have to attribute some of her success to what she learned working for Spitfire Girl! 

"Before working at the shop I thought I would do film, and when I was working at the store ... I saw Kristin and Jason - all they do is draw and sell things and I thought, wow, I could do that too. Then Kristin also gave me the opportunity to draw and design for the store, and that blew my mind."



We at Spitfire Girl love coloring (stoned or otherwise) and Dinosaurs Smoking Weed provides the perfect place for us to get our coloring on! In fact, we're about to get to coloring this Ornithomimus smoking a blunt right now! 



We have a very special limited number of signed and numbered copies of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed available for purchase! The first five orders for Dinosaurs Smoking Weed placed online will be signed! Woohoo!



Happy coloring!
Spitfire Girl