July 14, 2015

Spitfire Girl DIY: Make Your Own Terrarium

By Spitfire Girl
We here at the Spitfire Girl headquarters love DIY kits, and one of our absolute favorites is our
Make Your Own Terrarium Kit
. This kit comes with pretty much everything you need to create the perfect little mason jar of happiness for your office desk or your home! 

Here's our very own step by step guide to make your terrarium look stellar! 

Make Your Own Terrarium Kit DIY step-by-step

You can purchase a Make Your Own Terrarium Kit from our website or either of our retail locations.


Open up the box and lay out all of your materials - everything will be packaged neatly in the jar. A bag of dirt, some moss with a mushroom and a flower, a bag of rocks, an instruction leaflet and a terrarium friend (in this case a dinosaur) all come packed in the mason jar. You will need to grab some scissors and your own plant - a succulent clipping works great for this. 

Next pour your dirt and rocks into the bottom of the mason jar to create the perfect base. 

Then grab your scissors and place the moss in the jar. Once your moss is where you like it use the scissors to grab the head of the mushroom and place the mushroom firmly in the moss.

After you've securely placed your mushroom, place your decorative flower. 

At this point your little terrarium scene should be coming right along. Use your scissors to put your terrarium friend right where you want 'em! (No dinosaurs were hurt in the making of this terrarium.)

Next, grab your little succulent clipping and place it gently in the jar. 


Things should really be looking good now! Here's the view from above! 

We wanted to add a little something extra to our terrarium so we created a "BEWARE" sign out of some scrap cardboard. 

Screw the lid on your mason jar and your terrarium is all ready to find a home! 

You can get your own Make Your Own Terrarium Kit here! 


Spitfire Girl