Palo Santo Kit

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Introducing Spitfire Girl’s Palo Santo Kit, a sacred blend of elements thoughtfully curated to enhance your spiritual rituals and elevate your sacred space.

Encased in this jar of ethereal treasures, you'll find pure Palo Santo Sacred Wood Sticks, sourced sustainably and ethically from the heart of South America. These aromatic wonders bring a sense of ancient wisdom, inviting clarity and positive energy into your surroundings.

Complementing the Palo Santo, delicate Dried Rose Flowers add a touch of botanical beauty to your ritual. Symbolizing love and purity, they seamlessly intertwine with the earthy essence of Palo Santo.

To complete the kit, a gentle Feather becomes your guide in dispersing the sacred smoke, allowing you to navigate the transformative journey with grace and intention.

Embrace the ritual of Palo Santo with this thoughtfully assembled kit, where each element was chosen to create a sacred practice for your mind, body, and spirit.