Protection Kit

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Welcome to the world of intentional living with our exquisite Protection Kit – a holistic approach to cleansing, protecting, and purifying the energies that surround you. Crafted with care and curated with intention, this kit is your go-to companion for creating a sacred space of tranquility.

Inside each meticulously designed box, you'll find an array of tools to elevate your energy and usher in positivity:

Bundled White Sage Smudge Stick: Cleanse your space with the purifying essence of white sage, known for its ancient ritualistic use in clearing negative energies.

Feather: A delicate companion for distributing the sage smoke, allowing it to gracefully permeate every corner of your space.

Black Ritual Candle: Ignite the flame of intention and protection with our specially crafted black ritual candle, guiding you through your cleansing ritual.

Palo Santo Sacred Wood Sticks: Infuse your surroundings with the uplifting aroma of Palo Santo, a sacred wood renowned for its purifying properties.

Dried Rose & Chamomile Flowers: Elevate the sensory experience with the soothing presence of dried rose and chamomile flowers, invoking a sense of peace and calm.

Black Tourmaline Stone: Your personal talisman for protection and healing. Let the energy of black tourmaline create a shield against negativity and promote overall well-being.

The Protection Kit is an invitation to embrace the sacred rituals of self-care. Allow the synergy of these carefully selected elements to guide you on a transformative journey, cultivating a space of balance and positivity.