Cobra Tea Pot

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Plated with 24K gold material from Germany, this Cobra Tea Pot is the embodiment of opulence.

Its white glazed china backdrop creates the perfect canvas for the resplendent cobra, shining in all his golden glory; allow him to ssseduce you and your tea party guests into a world of enchantment. 

It's not just for serving tea; it's also made for spilling le thé with the ruthlessness of a swift and cunning reptile and, perhaps, for creating moments of wonder and delight. Whether you're hosting a dramatic tea party or simply enjoying a quiet moment with your favorite blend, this teapot adds a teaspoon of serpentine magic to every sip.

Spitfire Girl Tip: 

Make it the cutest set ever known to Man with our "Poison" Teacups!


  • Plated 24K gold material from Germany
  • White glaze china
  • 6" H (including lid)
  • 6" L (handle to spout)
  • 5" W