Moonlit Dreams Pearl Hoops

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Step into the enchanting world of Moonlit Dreams with these divine Pearl Hoops – the dainty, lunar loves that are about to become your outfit's celestial finishing touch, day or night.

Crafted with meticulous detail, these hoops are tiny moons dangling from your ears, promising to elevate your style to the stars. The Moonlit Dreams Pearl Hoops boast an 18kt gold plating over sterling silver, because, darling, we believe in celestial elegance without the cosmic price tag.

Adorning these lunar treasures are pearls and opal stones, creating a dreamy combination that's like a moonlit serenade for your lobes. Imagine the ethereal glow of opal meeting the classic sophistication of pearls – it's a match made in the heavens.

Now, let's talk charm dimensions: these little lunar delights measure a mere 1 cm in height, 0.5 cm in length, and just 1 mm in width. Talk about a celestial whisper around your ears, charmingly subtle yet undeniably stylish.

And the hoop? A modest 1 cm in length, because sometimes, less is truly more. These hoops are like the gentle embrace of moonlight, encircling your earlobe with a touch of lunar magic.

So, whether you're conquering the boardroom or dancing under the stars, the Moonlit Dreams Pearl Hoops are your cosmic companions. It's not just a pair of earrings; it's a journey into the world of lunar elegance. Snag yours now and let the moonlit dreams adorn you with celestial grace.