Mountains of the Moon Necklace

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Our Mountains of the Moon Necklace is a hand-carved pendant inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado! This necklace is a piece of mountain magic crafted with love and a touch of wanderlust.

Cast in gold-plated brass, the pendant measures a picturesque 1.25" across, bringing the majesty of the mountains straight to your neckline. And– because we know one size doesn't fit all adventures, you can choose your chain length: Long, a generous 33" with a 2.5" adjuster chain, perfect for those who like their mountains grand. Or go for Short, a charming 17" with an adjuster chain, ideal for a just a touch of mountain elegance.

And we're not just about mountains; we're about options. Note the different chain styles for long and short – because your style journey is as unique as the mountain trails you choose to explore.

Nil Sine Numine!