Amazonite Tumbled Stone

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Embrace the tranquility and empowerment of Amazonite as you navigate the waters of life. Let their soothing energy wash over you, their colors inspire you, and their essence empower you. 

Amazonite is often associated with emotional healing and balance. It's believed to help soothe emotional trauma and calm anxiety. Many people use Amazonite tumbled stones as a tool for promoting emotional harmony and reducing stress.

Use it as a companion on the journey to emotional balance and inner harmony. Like a healing balm for the soul, it empowers you to embrace your emotions and express them with grace.

Beyond its metaphysical properties, Amazonite's unique beauty is a splendid addition to any home decor. Use these tumbled stones to adorn your living space, infuse it with tranquility, and create an ambiance that reflects your inner peace.


  • Amazonite
  • Size varies from 1" to 2" in diameter