Amethyst Threader Earrings

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Radiating a pixie-like charm, these 14k gold fill Amethyst Threader Earrings are the epitome of fairycore. Let your style speak volumes as you effortlessly rock these stunning gems, bringing an air of mystique to any outfit. 

Amethyst, a stone known for its calming energy and its ability to soothe the mind, has been cherished for centuries. It's believed to bring peace and balance to the wearer, making these threader earrings a source of positivity in your everyday life.

These raw crystal earrings remind you to pause, take a breath, and embrace the serenity and healing energy that timeless lavender hued amethyst offers. Wear them when you need a little extra courage, or when you simply want to make a statement of grace and elegance. They're versatile, adaptable, and full of symbolism.

About 2" long (depending on crystal length)


  • 14k Gold Fill
  • Amethyst
  • ~2 inches