Black Widow Huggie Earrings

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Black Widows have always held an air of mystique, and these Black Widow Huggie Earrings, featuring a dazzling moss green Zircon Stone and an iridescent Pearl as its body, capture that essence with sleek design and captivating brightness.

Black Widows are known for their resilience in harsh environments. They can represent the ability to overcome challenges and adversities with grace and poise.

Green Zircon stones are often associated with abundance and prosperity. They can symbolize growth and the flourishing of one's life, whether in wealth, health, or personal development.

Pearls are believed to have calming and healing properties. They can symbolize emotional release and the ability to let go of negative emotions.

Embrace the darkness, appreciate the gothic elegance, and let these earrings be your daily affirmation that strength and beauty can coexist in perfect harmony.


  • 18k gold plated sterling silver
  • Green zircon stones
  • Pearls