Bob Ross Bobblehead with Sound

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This is not just a bobblehead; it's a 4" masterpiece of the one and only art master, Bob Ross. You can watch him groove and bobble while he shares his 10 different wise and witty sayings.

The kit includes a mini easel book featuring 30 of Ross's landscape works. It's like opening a tiny gallery of his art, and you can display it right alongside the bobblehead figure. It's the perfect setup for some creative motivation and a dash of artistic charm in your space.

Bob Ross is all about embracing the happy little accidents in life, and he's here to provide a daily dose of wisdom, humor, and creativity that's sure to make you smile.

So, whether you're an art enthusiast, a fan of happy little trees, or just need a little serotonin boost, the Bob Ross Bobblehead is your go-to companion. Let him be an inspiration, a friend, or simply a charming addition to your world. 


  • 4" bobblehead figure
  • Plays 10 different wise and witty sayings
  • Mini easel book featuring 30 of Ross's landscape works