Bob Ross by the Numbers

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Immerse yourself in the world Bob Ross with three pre-printed canvases, each a carefully chosen canvas for your artistic awakening. Includes two picturesque landscapes and one featuring the famous 'fro man himself. 

Dip into seven little paint pots, each a hue carefully selected to resonate with your innermost artistic desires. Grab the mini paintbrush and unfold the full-color, fold-out sheets with detailed painting instructions. 

Don't forget to leaf through the 32-page book on Bob Ross, replete with painting tips and anecdotes for the soul. And when you're all done with your masterpiece, proudly display your transcendental creations on the mini easel for all to see.

This comprehensive mini art set captures the essence of Bob Ross's iconic style and guides you through the creation of beautiful (or simply joyous) works of art.


  • Three pre-printed canvases with numbered sections — 2 landscapes and 1 of Bob's face.
  • Each canvas measures around 3-1/8 x 2-3/4 inches.
  • 7 paint pots
  • Mini paint brush
  • Mini easel for displaying finished paintings
  • Full-color, fold-out sheets with detailed painting instructions
  • 32-page book on Bob Ross (including painting tips!)