Cats: Photographs 1942 - 2018

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In the winter of 1949, NYC marketer and budding photographer Walter Chandoha discovered a stray kitten, later named Loco, shivering in the snow. This serendipitous encounter ignited a lifelong passion, marking the inception of his illustrious seven-decade career in feline photography.

Explore the captivating journey in "Cats," a 296-page hardcover that immerses you in Chandoha's timeless archive. From vibrant studio shots and street photography to vintage cat shows and heartwarming moments with his children, the book unveils the rich history of his artistry. 

His influence (such as his glamorous lighting technique that made each cat's fur stand out in sharp relief) extended to legendary artists like Andy Warhol, who drew inspiration from Chandoha's charming cat portraits for his illustrated cat book.

This heartfelt tribute honors the legacy of Walter Chandoha, a remarkable photographer who passed away in 2019 at 98. His boundless compassion resonates in every frame, ensuring his legacy lives on.


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