Commando Printed Thong Undies

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Let's talk about uncomfortable underwear. You know, the kind that's so snug it feels like it's in a wrestling match with your nether regions all day? It's like having a constant reminder that you made questionable life choices in the lingerie department.

Who needs that kind of discomfort when you're just trying to conquer the world one awkward encounter at a time? Life's too short to spend it adjusting your underwear every five minutes. Let's give our nether regions the comfort they deserve, one seamless pair of Commando undies at a time. 

Made with luxe, breathable European microfiber, they're the answer to all our panty problems. The best part? They're constructed with raw-cut edges and without any of that pesky elastic or taping nonsense. That means no more digs, no more bulges, and definitely no more panty lines. 

So, whether you're strutting your stuff on a night out, conquering the world in your power suit, or simply lounging around in your comfiest PJs, these Printed Thong Undies by Commando are your go-to companions. 

Available in Red Leopard Sm/Md, Red Leopard Md/Lg, Bare Snake Sm/Md, Bare Snake Md/Lg, and Butterfly Md/Lg.


  • 78% Nylon 22% Elastane
  • Fit-tested by real humans
  • Raw-cut edges without elastic, trim, or taping to eliminate digs and bulges
  • High fabric breathability