Concrete Antique Morel Mushroom

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Large Concrete Antique Morel Mushroom.

Here at Spitfire Girl, we emphasize that all antique items come with a unique charm, and are sold "as is." They carry the wisdom of time, the patina of age, and the stories of those who've cherished them before. This Concrete Antique Morel Mushroom is no exception, and its gracefully weathered appearance is the physical manifestation of the passage of time.

So, where does one place a captivating piece like this? The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination. Whether you choose to display it in your garden, your living room, or as the most lux cottagecore doorstopper, it's a statement of appreciation for the artistry of folk creators.

The Concrete Antique Morel Mushroom stands tall at 15 inches, with a base that spans 8 inches, and it carries a weight of 20 pounds.


  • All antique items are sold as is
  • Crafted from concrete
  • 20 lbs.
  • 15"x8"