Conspiracy Candle

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The Conspiracy Candle takes the shape of the Eye of Providence, an ancient symbol that's whispered to hold the secrets of the universe. 

But what makes this candle even more intriguing is what's inside. They're crafted with soy wax and a peppercorn, cinnamon, ginger, cream, black cardamom, wood, tonka bean, and chestnut fragrance.

The Conspiracy Candle is meticulously crafted, free of carcinogens and phthalates. Hand-poured with care, each candle is a one-of-a-kind creation, mirroring the enigmatic allure of the mysteries they symbolize. Every pigment is measured with dedication and passion, infusing each candle with soulful essence.

Soy wax may develop a dusty or frosty appearance over time.


  • Crafted with soy wax