Crystal Talon Ring / Quartz

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Let's talk about the details – this beauty features a stunning Quartz Crystal set in 18K magic. Whether you're a silver lover or you adore the warmth of gold, there's an option for you! It's your chance to pick your metal, wear your vibe, and let your style story shine. 

And the size? This ring measures 32 x 32 x 22 mm – it's not just an accessory; it's a statement piece! It's like wearing a little slice of heaven right on your hand. It's like a little piece of magic for your fingers, available in sizes 6 and 7 – because let's face it, everyone deserves a touch of whimsy, right?

How to style this wondrous creation, you ask? Well, the options are as boundless as your imagination! Wear it solo for a subtle, ethereal touch or stack it with other rings for a bold, dreamy look. Let your inner bohemian goddess or your chic, whimsical self shine through! 

This Crystal Talon Ring is more than just jewelry; it's an invitation to express your unique self and embrace the magic within you. So, dive into this treasure trove, pick your perfect size and metal, and let your fingers tell a story of elegance and mystique.