Dalí: Les Dîners de Gala Book

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Allow us to introduce you to the enchanting reprint of "Les Diners de Gala," a window into the exotic flavors and extravagant imaginings that graced the legendary dinner parties of none other than Salvador and Gala Dalí. 

In this surreal livre de recettes, you'll uncover the most eclectic recipes from Paris's finest establishments like La Tour d’Argent and Maxim’s, making this publication a piece of edible art (the recipes, not the book itself. Please find your daily intake of fiber elsewhere.), a delectable masterpiece, and a multisensory adventure waiting to be devoured. 

And finally, Salvador Dalí, the master of the surreal, didn't just stop at recipes. No, he sprinkled the book with his bespoke illustrations, infusing it with a dash of his artistic genius. 

So, if you're a lover of art, a culinary connoisseur this book is your passport to the fantastical world of Salvador Dalí's dinner parties. It's a delightful morsel of pleasure, a taste of the surreal, and a one-way ticket to a dining experience like no other. Bon appétit!

Oh, and p.s.: "Les Diners de Gala" doesn't shy away from exploring the realm of aphrodisia. Wink wink.



320 pages

8.3 x 11.9 in.

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