Day Hook Semi Circle Pillow

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Discover the Day Hook Semi Circle Pillow, a delightful addition to your decor that embodies the vivacious, jungalicious style of renowned designer Justina Blakeney. This uniquely shaped pillow is the epitome of fun, vibrancy, and personality, perfect for injecting an energetic spirit into your living space.

Measuring 16 inches in width and 9 inches in height, this semi-circle pillow is thoughtfully designed to provide a touch of whimsy and charm without overwhelming your surroundings. Its playful shape and lively patterns make it an excellent choice for adding character to your sofa, bed, or accent chair.

Adorned with a captivating multi-color palette, this pillow exudes a sense of joy and creativity. Justina Blakeney's design sensibilities are on full display as the pillow combines an array of hues to create a mesmerizing and harmonious visual experience. Whether your decor is eclectic, bohemian, or simply in need of a pop of color, this pillow is a fantastic choice.

Crafted from soft and plush cotton velvet, this elegant accessory not only looks enticing but feels incredibly comfortable. It's the perfect place to rest your head or curl up with a good book, inviting you to enjoy its embrace.

What sets this pillow apart are the charming tassels that adorn its edges, adding a delightful touch of movement and playfulness. They're a small detail that makes a big impact, reflecting the care and thought that went into its design.

The Day Hook Semi Circle Pillow is more than just an accent; it's an invitation to infuse your space with a sense of adventure, a love for color, and the lively spirit of Justina Blakeney's design aesthetic. It's a versatile piece that captures attention with its cool and whimsical flair, setting the tone for a home that's as vibrant and lively as you are.