Dora Maar Sugar Bowl

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Transform your tea ritual into a surrealist spectacle with this glossy serveware that's sure to spark conversation among your guests. For a truly head-turning occasion, pair it with our Dora Maar teapot and creamer.

This unique creation draws inspiration from the enigmatic Dora Maar, a French polymath celebrated for her prowess as a photographer, poet, and painter, notably recognized as the lover and muse of the legendary Pablo Picasso. In the spirit of honoring her multifaceted legacy, our Jonathan meticulously crafts the models for the Muse vessels.

The Dora Maar Sugar Bowl, measuring at 3.75" in diameter and 4" in height, isn't just a vessel; it's a narrative, a convergence of art, history, and functionality. Elevate your gatherings with surrealist elegance that transcends the ordinary and invite your guests to ponder, discuss, and appreciate the artistry behind every detail.

  • 3.75" Dia, 4" H